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Group Founder: zomb1
Group Type: Public join
Members: 3
Category: Games > Mobile

Topics (4)

go What do you think is the best dog greed (0) nachos
Please write comments below about your dog or at least what dog you want.My thought about the best dog greed is that the best dog is a shiba-inu.Because they are soft because they are cute and etc.

go About the gopro hero 2018 (0) nachos
If someone of you folks has a gopro hero 4 or hero 4+.I's a good camera but the best camera you could buy is a gopro hero 2018.The gopro hero 2018 has a 10 mp camera,max 1440 hd quility and is can be ...

go How much of you play halo 4? (0) nachos
Hello!How much of you play halo 4(if you do,please leave a message below of what sr you are and do you still play them)?I actualy do play halo 4.I'm sr 135 and have a medal spartan onyx,and have gone ...

go Is the nokia 3310 a good phone and is it (0) nachos
I think you probably know the nokia 3310 phone.A realy hard phone that was first made in the 2000 and 2001.However the ney nokia 3310 should be better than the last one.The nokia 3310 has internet you...

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Files (2)

1 Gta san andreas ringtone
2 Evil baby laugh ringtone

Polls (2)

go Who first landed on the moon
go Who invented the iphone?